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Enjoy this simple yet systematic meditation that is designed for everyone.
Helping you to discover your true original nature within.
Our team will guide you step by step through your journey to nurture your true self and embark on your ability to truly     coexist.
Finding the Truth within with a method like never before. 

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Meditation is about more than just temporary relaxation: it is about shifting perspective and releasing the burdens of the mind, creating true healing and lasting changes.

Why we need to Meditate

We use a unique method which started in Asia. This type of meditation is causing a sensation all over the world. Our meditation method is unique, effective and is very easy to follow. You will feel a big change even after a few weeks and realise your true nature within a few months.


Stop suppressing, start discarding

Let go of your mind

Through this meditation you will learn how to self-reflect and throw away the mind that makes you unable to live as you want.


Not only can you find true happiness, peace and freedom but you will also start truly living.


My brain

My Brain.png

Releasing the thoughts in your mind

 Clearer, improved mind

Our meditation method allows you to let go of the source of the obstacles and burdens that are in your mind. As you empty your mind of the accumulated thoughts, you will start noticing yourself being more open and aware. Your mind will become one with the world that surrounds you.

As your consciousness expands you will find yourself able to live a life at your highest potential, full of energy, creativity and wisdom.

How our lives have improved!


Change Naturally 

"Doing this method the most profound thing is even though all my life I wanted to change but I couldn't . As soon as I started to do the method, things started to change naturally without even trying"

Daniel / Mandurah WA


Grateful and Happy

"When I started I was so consumed about my situation and what had happened in the past. Since doing this meditation I feel very grateful and happy and not trapped in that mind. This meditation really saved me."

Catherine / Mandurah WA

Now is the perfect time to start!

Throughout the world, people following this meditation have experienced long-lasting benefits.

Join us to learn how you can change your life too.

Daily Meditation

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Evening Sessions Too!

Mandurah Meditation centre offers a friendly warm and welcoming environment.  Our centre offers very clean,  fresh air circulated modern rooms for the comfort of your meditation experience.

For special circumstances we can also offer on-line meditation services  ( we are more than happy to help you if you require this service )


For your sessions we offer pre- meditation lecture with personalised guidance of the method step by step including consultations or extra guidance whenever necessary. 

Our goal is to help you make fundamental lasting improvements in reaching the Completion of this meditation.  Your true happiness is of our greatest priority. 


Your Happiness Starts Now! 

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Thank you and we hope to see you soon. 

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