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Meditation Classes

Classes for beginners and experts alike

Our meditation classes are for anyone - beginners and experts alike. This meditation method is about emptying the mind of all the stress, pain, burden and suffering. As you follow the method, you will naturally find within you that place of peace, calm, happiness and joy that has been covered over by those countless thoughts.

Please book in advance to ensure someone will be available to help you.

Meditation Classes

Classes Timetable

Meditation Centre Timetable

+6 days a week

+Monday to Friday: 
9:00am - 6:00pm

10:00am - 2:00pm

+Meditate according to your schedule

Online Meditation Timetable

+7 days a week

+1 hour sessions via zoom

+Press below for full timetable


Guided Meditation

Fully Guided In Person Meditation

+ 7 Step Method 

+ Learn to let go of your countless thoughts

+ Find your True Self

+ The Way to find your eternally happy self

+ Expert Guides to track your progress

Fully Guided Live Online Meditation

+ Same services as in person

+ Community of support


One-on-One Consultation

In person One-on-One Consultation

+ Visit our simple, warm, sophisticated and cosy centre

+ Online via Zoom - please enquire

+ Casual chat - tell us what you want help with

+ Learn how the human mind works 

+ The solution is in your mind

+ Understand the centre

Classes Timetable

Guided Meditation Method

Learn to let go and empty your mind to find true happiness!

The self-made human mind is full of stress, anxiety, pain and suffering. You are living inside of your own mind world, perceiving the world from your past experiences, as well as the habits you've inherited from your parents and ancestors, and your body. 

With our 7 step method, you will reflect on your life, and discard the attachments from your mind. You don't lose anything - in fact your memory gets better! However, because this mind overlaps your true self, as you do this, you will find within you eternal happiness, peace, and freedom. Who wouldn't do this? 

Guided Meditation Method

Meditation Benefits

Learn to let go of stress, anxiety and worries

Perth Meditation Benefits Always Comfortable and Happy.png

Anxiety and stress build up in your mind and you start to subconciously perceive similar experiences in the same way, enslaved to those mental conditions. Letting them go is the key.

Improve your sleep by emptying your mind

Perth Meditation Benefits Improved Sleep.png

Because we don't know how to detach from thoughts, we have 10,000's of them, so you can't sleep. As you empty your mind you will naturally sleep better.


Improved focus, clarity, and wisdom

Perth Meditation Benefits Mind Clutter Disappears.png

The countless thoughts circling in your mind is why you can't focus and have no clarity or wisdom. As you find your true, peaceful, happy and calm state, you come to know everything.

Find happiness, peace, and joy within you

Perth Meditation Benefits Achieve Human Completion.png

As you discard your self-made mind world, you will find within you that place of eternal happiness, peace, and joy that has just been covered up by that false mind. 

Meditation Benefits

"It helped me through a lot of trauma. If I hadn't done the meditation I would be very stressed"

Anne, Mandurah Meditation


“I wanted to get rid of all my baggage. All the mental baggage that I had”

— Jules, Mandurah Meditation


“Within the first week, I could sleep so much better!”

— David, Auckland Meditation

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Mandurah Meditation Centre


Address: 19 Scott Street, Mandurah, Western Australia

Phone: 0413 029 181 (Please note email or form below may be faster)

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