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How to meditate well? Be like a innocent child!

Updated: May 17, 2022

To benefit most from this meditation, you have to realise that you don't know anything!

Meditation Info stall | Mandurah Meditation

They say that the kids fly through this study- they can do level 1 in only a few days!

I think that's the key: Be like a child, be a person that knows nothing and it will become a lot easier. Don't worry so much about if you are doing it right, just truest and have patience. The universe is doing it anyway.

For me, after having my second son I had terrible post natal depression. Up until that point I always thought I had a really good life and now something just didn't seem right in my mind. I tried so many things and nothing helped me to snap out of it. I'd seen doctors, psychologists, a psychiatrist, a naturopath, even a psychic! I'd been on anti-depressants, changed my diet, read books on happiness and tried other meditations. Nothing seemed to help. When I was supposed to go back to work I was having anxiety attacks.

Then, the Universe gave me a gift, a pamphlet I picked up at a shop in Mandurah. From the moment I heard the first lecture, it made so much sense to me. I felt relieved that I might have found something that would actually help me. And it really has.

Group Meditation Class | Mandurah Meditation
After I started this meditation, my whole life changed; I really understood my own mind, the cause of my stress, and the way to get rid of it.

Thank you so much to the Mandurah Meditation and also the helpers who have been so patient with me. I am truly grateful everyone and I am grateful for the method!

Elizabeth, Mandurah, Western Australia

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