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 Teacher Woo Myung

In January 1996, Woo Myung became Truth and no longer needed to cleanse his mind. However, he realised that his fate was to teach Truth and he began to ponder on the question of how to teach people so that they could reach Truth as easily as possible. For the next few years, he studied from their perspectives the question of how people could also achieve completion 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. His meditation method is a result of his persistent efforts, and is the first and only method for human completion in the human history. 

What differentiates it from other forms of meditation is the fact that the source of human minds can be fundamentally eliminated completely.  Reflecting on Woo Myungs words, "Truth is ordinary; it is common sense and it is universally applicable,"

The method is easy enough for all people, from small children to the elderly, to follow and it is achievable by anybody.

The method, which comes level by level, has changed people's consciousness as well as their lives.  Through the method, Woo Myung has opened up the path to the widest, highest, and deepest consciousness of the Universe for the ordinary people.

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