What to expect during your introduction session. 

• Once you arrive at the centre, you will be greeted by our friendly meditation guide.   

• A little welcome tour of the centre, and once settled, we can share what this meditation is,

why it is important for your mind and body health.   We will explain the meditation step by step.

 We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Already, you may want to start the meditation.

If you do, once registered, we can help you start meditating at your convenience.


Booking Your Meditation Introduction Is Simple

Click the link that says book now



Find your True Paradise within you!


We will guide you through in-person in the comfort of our centre.

 Also, we  provide on-line guidance also if necessary.

(please ask us for more details)

Our centre has a $100* monthly support for unlimited meditation 7 days a week!

*(if opting for the 12 month option)

For other options, we offer 1 month, 3 months

or 6 months so please speak to us!

There is no obligation.

Firstly, your 30 minute introduction is FREE! 

Now is the perfect time to meditate.

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