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Mandurah Meditation offers a unique method which is a simple step by step and transformative practice. 

Our team delivers supportive guided one on one sessions, and at times group sessions also.

Within these sessions you will see from a greater perspective of what our human mind is made up of and how it was created.

 It becomes clear once meditating that we can see that our own mind is made up of thoughts and pictures which are composed from our life lived, habits and body.

These pictures and thoughts cause us to worry, stress, have conflict, feel burden, have questions about the world etc...  

Knowing this profound method, having the tools so you yourself can reveal the answers of the world within

 - is truly the way for mankind to live well.  

Through this meditation naturally you will get to know your true self, happiness, wisdom and clarity,

When you find your True Self,   you can find that heaven and paradise within.  


Meditation: Welcome

Meditation Method 


Ever since Woo Myung realised his destiny was to teach Truth to the world, he developed the method to become Truth. This was the origin of this meditation. The world of the True Self can be reached easily, step by step, when we cleanse our mind.

Meditation: Our Team
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The advantage of having one on one guided meditation is that the students can get full attention and care from instructors for maximum benefit and progress.

Yoga at Home


Don’t let your busy schedule get in the way. We work with the time you have so you can still benefit with the program.

Group Meditators


Accelerate your progress and experience the energy of group meditation.
Available at the meditation centre and online using Zoom.


Meditation: Welcome
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