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Meditation benefits | What people say

Updated: Mar 20

This meditation helped me so much.

I was a very anxious, and busy person, constantly living in reaction to my daily life - kids, work, family, appointments. My health was suffering and I felt constantly tired. I am so grateful to have found this place. When I went, I felt welcomed and at ease. The people who guide the meditation are so friendly and helpful; they do not judge, they listen; they genuinely want to help. Now I feel so much freedom in my mind, and peace in my heart. This meditation is the best one I have tried. If you are searching for lasting change, give it a try.

Abandon and coexist | Mandurah Meditation
This meditation is truly helpful in helping people detach from their thoughts,emotions and habits both on the subconscious and conscious levels.

Generally speaking it is the subconscious programmes that runs our lives . Often it involves unnecessary dramas that are most unhelpful and can sabotaging our lives' success. Detaching from these "clutters" gives us clearer vision ; enhanced health and well being.

Alice F. Perth / Western Australia

Caroline from Sydney Meditation
This meditation has changed my life.

I had been searching externally to try and find happiness. However, I actually realised through the meditation that true happiness is within. I no longer feel the need to fill things in my life.

Thank you!

I’ve been doing this meditation method for 11 years and it has truly changed my life in so many positive ways.

I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to meditate because my mind was so busy with many thoughts but this method of meditation is so easy and simple to follow.

As I meditated I became happier and happier and I would recommend everyone to try this brilliant meditation.

Daniel W. Secret Habour / WA

Before meditation I often felt alone, lost and depressed.

I suffered from extreme anxiety and sleep problems and I was searching for a solution to this. For 8 years I tried different things but everything was only a temporary fix. Once I found this meditation I felt a difference from the start. Now, every day is a new day and it feels like my "old self" has disappeared.

David from Auckland Meditation

This meditation has taught me that my mind was the problem. I can see the root causes of my life problems and I have learnt how to become free of my past. In my daily life, my job has become easier and I can accept others. My relationships with people have improved a lot and my health has improved dramatically. I experience joy which I never had in my life before and I am happy to just be. It is a true miracle for me.

This meditation lives up to its promise. I hope you try this meditation and I hope it will change your life like it has changed mine. Thankyou for reading.

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