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Who Am I? Have you tried to find the answer?

Updated: May 17, 2022

Everyone has countless questions regarding this matter.

Humans are not born into and living in the complete world, but rather are living inside their own mind worlds, which overlap the world.

This is why humans are incomplete. In order to change these incomplete, false beings and make them become real and complete beings, the world of incompletion must be demolished, and they must be resurrected in the real world.

This is how one can become a real person and live in the eternal Heaven and Paradise where there is no death.

A person who is born in eternal Heaven and Paradise is the master of the true world and a king.

When one has the true world inside one's mind, this person is the master of Heaven, humans, and earth.

Have you ever wondered, "Who Am I?"

Have you tried to find the answer?

Have you ever felt lost and confused along this journey to discovering the answer?

or Did you just think you were a part of the Universe?

In this video, find out who you really are and how you can really see it and know it from your heart, from your mind!

Lecture by Robin from Oceania Meditation

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