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Allowing the universe to remove the root cause of anxiety

Updated: May 17, 2022

As a teenager I was struggling with anxiety when all of a sudden in 2000 the anxiety simply vanished. I tried to figure out why so I could get rid of all of it. It became an obsession, an obsession that became a new anxiety.

Ironically, by chasing that happiness I pushed it further away. My work performance and sleep was being impacted and in 2009, started doing different kinds of meditations. They made hardly any difference. In April 2018 my Dad gave me a flyer for this meditation – at the time I said why would I need that, I was already meditating. I went to the GP to ask about doing a sleep study and he said it would tell me nothing. With all my options exhausted, including medication, I looked at the flyer again.

I booked a free introduction and the helper explained I could discard the anxiety by discarding the pictures in my mind. I thought what have I got to lose and started immediately. I have not looked back.

I realised the reason I failed before is because the false self was trying to get rid of anxiety.

By allowing the universe to remove the root cause of the anxiety, the pictures stored in my mind, the anxiety has drastically reduced – permanently. And my sleep quality has improved dramatically, as well as my work performance.

There was one profound change that I had not even dreamed of.

I gained a sense of intuition to understand how the world works and what to do on a daily basis.

And that sense of intuition is driving me down a path where I am able to help other people in deep and powerful ways – by helping them to discard their pictures, overcome their anxiety and find their true selves. True selves that can understand the ways of the world by being one with it.

Chris T. Mandurah / Western Australia

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David Clouston
David Clouston

You have a real sincere heart Chris 💓The fact you want to help other people is big

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